A Theology of Resistance

The executive orders coming out of the White House are destroying the lives of the vulnerable, inside and outside our borders. Now it's Dreamers, like Daniel Ramirez Medina, arrested not because he has committed a crime but because he might.

Perhaps the only thing more outrageous than these egregious violations of human rights is the silence of bystanders.

We won't be silent; we will resist. We will continue to stand in solidarity with those on the margins; we will demand justice from our leaders; we will advocate for Revolutionary Love in social media, and in our spheres of influence.

We've been here, we know what to do. We will resist. Our faith calls us to non-violently create the world we want.

Come Sunday, I am so excited to preach about a Theology of Resistance with Rob (check out a sneak preview of our sermon in That'll Preach!). Joining us will be actor Aunjanue Ellis and artist Genesis Be. After worship, you'll have the opportunity to stand with our Muslim family in Times Square at "Today, I Am a Muslim Too: Day of Solidarity."

And today, you can do three things in the name of Revolutionary Love:

  1. Support the amazing work of immigrant youth-led organizing around the country by following United We Dream on Facebook and Twitter. Watch for upcoming petitions.
  2. Join our Revolutionary Love community on L2O. We are having beautiful conversations there.
  3. Watch the conversation I moderated this week at NYU, "From Fear to Focus: Race in America & the Urgency of Now" with Van Jones, Trabian Shorters, Aunjanue Ellis, and Anurag Gupta.

I love you!


Jacqui Lewis