November 9: Double Down on Love

Photo caption: This fall, volunteers from Middle Church and Central Synagogue have registered 189 people in the East Village!

November 9: Double Down on Love

As I write I have no idea who will win the election.

It is October 20. I am in Atlanta. I was speaking about love last night while the candidates battled it out. So, I also don’t know who “won” the debate. I have been in meetings this morning and have not heard the debrief or the spin. Who won? Who scored points? Who spoke most clearly about their policies? I have no idea. Not yet. 

Still, I won’t pretend I am neutral about the outcome. I am not. For me there is only one clear choice, and I will make it. I will also be at my polling place all day November 8, encouraging the people who have come to vote for THEIR choice. I URGE you to go and vote for yours. Vote the ticket—up ticket and down—that most reflects your hopes and dreams for a more perfect union. 

Friends, this election is more than a contest; it is as contentious as are the conversations in our public square. There is much at stake, including our collective hearts.

As Americans, we are divided, disappointed, disgusted, and dream-deferred. We are hurt. 

On November 9, no matter who wins, there will be work to do. The broken spaces will need to be repaired. Fences will have to be mended. Relationships will have to be forged across race, religion and the aisle. This will have to happen in order for us—we the people—to survive and thrive.

So Middle family, there is no question that you and I are called to this work. We who know how to celebrate difference, we who know how to have compassionate and critical conversations—we will have to double down on the gift God has given us: the ability to love, period.

I don’t yet know what will be required of us, but I suspect it will be about healing our own souls so we can create paths to heal others. 

And I know, cherished people of God, that we can do this work with extraordinarily diverse partners and allies, and with the Spirit as wind at our backs and beneath our wings. 

On November 8, we vote. On November 9, we get to work. On healing. Doubling down on love. 

Get ready, get set. GO!!

Love you, 

Jacqui Lewis