We Need Your Help To Save Health Care

Hi Love Revolution Crew. 

Today, The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote on the Trump Ryan Take Care Away Death Bill. If passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump, this bill will lead to more death, more hurt, and more pain for millions of people and families across this nation.

As you know, moral activists, including rabbis, imams, pastors, and persons impacted by access to health care, marched on Speaker Paul Ryan’s office to try and put a stop to this dangerous bill. While the speaker kept his doors closed and refused to meet with them, they made it clear that the power of a deeply moral movement cannot be silenced. Together, all of us have begun a process to demystify the halls of Congress, sharing stories about how health care access has impacted their lives.

Louise spoke about her son Neil who died too young from cancer.

Christina spoke about her daughter Francesca who was saved by the Affordable Care Act.

Story after story was shared to put a face behind the pain of the Speaker's and President’s extremism.

Health care access is a matter of life and death for people of all colors and ages across this nation. If we are to stop the Trump Ryan Take Care Away Death Bill, we must use moral resistance and every nonviolent tool available to us.

Our friends at NETWORK Lobby have put together some tangible actions you can take right now to help save the millions of people who are at risk of losing coverage. Visit the NETWORK health care page by clicking here.  

You can also click here for a video on the Repairers of the Breach Facebook page of the rally, march and testimonies given outside of Speaker Ryan’s office.

If you have any questions about next steps, you can contact Clinton Wright (cwright@breachrepairers.org), one of the national social justice organizers with Repairers of the Breach.  

Let's stand with our friends at Repairers of the Breach to reject the immoral and sinful Trump Ryan Take Care Away Death Bill.

In solidarity, and in love