Here's My Theory for How Things Get Better

This post originally appeared on Groundswell.

Here’s my theory for how things get better:

First create a place where people of goodwill and many faiths can find each other.

Then bind their hearts in a movement for love and justice.

It’s why I am hitting the road this fall – to create more of these places around the country.

I’m joining the Together Tour with three AMAZING women—Valarie Kaur, Glennon Doyle Melton, and Seane Corn.

We all share a belief that every part of our country can be a safe, thriving and welcoming place if we use the power of love to make it so. Love. Period.

The six-city tour will be heading to Portland, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, New York and Denver and we are looking for allies like you to join us in this important work of creating change. Tickets are on sale now.

Click here to get your ticket and join this movement.

Each date of the tour will be a night of inspiration and connection.

That’s what we do. We are a tribe of truth-tellers, visionaries, and dreamers.

And we can’t wait to connect with you – and help you connect with others – in ever widening circles of love.

That’s my agenda: To spread faith in Love as a power that heals. Love. Period.

That is the sermon I have been preaching. That is what I am traveling to tell you, to show you!

Love will liberate us; a God of Love will free us to liberate one another! We need a love revolution. At home. Right here. Right now!

Join us in this revolution this fall! Tickets for the Together Tour available here.

In love,

PS: If those six cities are too far from you, I’m building a Love. Period. Crew online to help us connect in circles of support and activism. Want the chance to participate in specific tasks that will help you create love, everywhere? Sign up below:

Jacqui Lewis