Love Conquers All

As a recent Upworthy article reminds us, love conquers all, even candidates with swoopy hair who call people names.

This past December I published a letter with the Auburn Senior Fellows to the American Muslim community pledging solidarity, love, and support to Muslims "with our voices, our actions, and our bodies." (You can read the letter at Groundswell and see some photos of the day we delivered it on my Facebook page.)

Here's a bit more of what Upworthy has to say about this ethical spectacle:

The letter’s authors represent an astonishingly diverse mix of religions that don’t usually come together—Sikhism, Islam, Catholicism, Judaism, and Protestantism, among others.
While different in their faiths, the authors (who are all fellows at the Auburn Theological Seminary) are dedicated to bridging divides and building communities among people of all cultures and beliefs. After hearing Trump’s drastic and discriminatory measures, these 15 senior fellows at Auburn banded together to take action through their vast faith network.
“We knew we had to do something about it,” says Reverend Jacqui Lewis, an Auburn fellow and an author of the letter. “When there is violence and vitriol and hatred, when people on the edges are being persecuted, when people on the margins are ostracized, I always get engaged.”

Check out the complete article now and share your stories of how love conquers all in a comment below.

Jacqui Lewis