We Who Believe in Freedom Are Ready to Resist

What a week. A hellish week. A week of terror for so many of our family.

Through executive orders, our new president is attempting to limit our freedoms, to silence us, to make us cower in fear.

But we who believe in freedom are ready to resist every day when we see and hear unjust actions.

Already, thousands have protested in airports around the nation, standing in solidarity with our sisters and brothers who have been banned and detained. Loud and proud, we shout #NoBanNoWall.

I am calling on you, as part of the Love Revolution, to organize and resist in the following ways:

1. Protest. If you’re in NYC, join the Lower East Side Rally Against Hate in Tompkins Square Park tonight, 1/30 at 6:30 pm. Not in NYC? Find a protest in your area here. Share your photos and videos with the hashtag #RevolutionaryLove and I will re-share.

2. Call members of congress and your local and state representatives. Find contact information here or dial 202-224-3121. Let your elected representatives know that you oppose the #MuslimBan and urge them to fight against it.

3. Sign this petition to support Civil Disobedience as an act of #MoralResistance. Rev. William Barber II, Valarie Kaur, and a coalition of faith leaders are helping to organize this resistance across the nation.

4. Last but not least, join the Love Revolution Crew to receive updates. Share this invitation to your family, friends, and colleagues.

I wrote this in my recent Huffington Post blog, but I'll say it again here: Freedom is the aim of our movement. And none of us is free until all of us are free.

Bless you as you resist. Protest. Make calls. Donate. Lead. And love.

From the bottom of my heart,


Jacqui Lewis