Tell Congress: No Silence on Gun Violence

As the families of those slain in Las Vegas bury their beloved; as the wounded struggle to survive; as detectives and forensic scientists piece together the what and why of yet one more mass shooting, what can we do?

After Sandy Hook and Oak Creek; Charlotte and Orlando; it can feel like it’s too much—like nothing’s going to change—but I need to tell you what I see. As each of these horrific days pileup, I see more and more people standing up and standing together. Sooner or later, something is going to give, and I think it starts right here, right now, with us.

Tell Congress: No Silence on Gun Violence 

Prayer is not enough. We come from people who put prayer and activism in the same breath to battle Jim Crow; to ensure voting rights and marriage equality; to protect health care and the rights of religious minorities.

Now we are breathing prayer in order to push for justice —to speak up, vote, lobby, march, protest, blog, tweet and insist on the value of every person. In the midst of prophetic grief too painful to describe, we are raising our voices in the name of Sandy Hook and Oak Creek; Charlotte and Orlando; and Las Vegas.

Tell Congress: No Silence on Gun Violence

First, we’re going to stop things from getting worse. There are two pieces of legislation moving through Congress that would make it easier for people to carry and use guns that we can stop, right now. If you sign and share the petition, we’ll connect you to an easy system to call your member of Congress to make sure that happens. 

Then, I'm going to personally deliver your names to House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell, with as many people as are willing to join us as possible. Voices of faith and moral courage will be crucial as politicians try to hide behind their “thoughts and prayers” or small concessions.

Tell Congress: No Silence on Gun Violence

We can be a part of turning this all around. Already, I've been joined by two sisters of different faiths, Valarie Kaur and Rabbi Sharon Brous. When you join us we’ll be among those people standing up in new ways to stop these tragedies from happening again.

Let's lift our voices, let's flood the phone lines. Let’s be the groundswell that changes the tide.

In solidarity, 
The Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis
Senior Minister, Middle Collegiate Church
Auburn Senior Fellow

This petition was originally shared on GROUNDSWELL: Inspiring faithful action to heal and repair the world, powered by Auburn Theological Seminary.

Jacqui Lewis