Do YOU Want a Revolution? [rebroadcast]

"All of life is rehearsing the world we dream about....We are the ones we've been waiting for.” 

This week’s episode of That’ll Preach is a rebroadcast of the most popular episode from the first year of That’ll Preach. Revisit episode 12, Do YOU Want a Revolution?, in which Jacqui Lewis talks about the sermon she preached at the 2016 Revolutionary Love conference. 

And then be sure to register for the 2017 Revolutionary Love conference at Middle Church on April 28-30 and join the conversation with William Barber, Brian McLaren, Valarie Kaur, Miguel De La Torre, Traci Blackmon, and more as we all join the movement for Revolutionary Love in our nation and our world. 

And as always, you we hope you can join us this Sunday and every Sunday at Middle Church in the East Village or online at See you soon!

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