Jacqui, Jim, Rob, Lynn, & Christina [rebroadcast]

"Preaching is like jazz. It's tightrope walking without a net.” 

"Words create worlds. A sermon comforts the disturbed and disturbs the comfortable.” 

"We are talking about this crazy, ancient, art, practice of preaching. It’s a shapeshifting practice, a reflection of God’s love for God’s people." 

"Stories have a way of speaking to the unconscious. The best sermons come from being who you are.” 

"A sermon moves the human heart. It takes you to the heart of what matters in your life and in the world. A sermon is a space where your soul can be renewed." 

This week’s episode of That’ll Preach is a rebroadcast of five episodes wrapped up into one mega episode. Take a look behind the sermon writing curtain as you listen in on these conversations with the preaching team at Middle Church. And be sure to join us at Middle Church in the East Village or online at www.MiddleChurch.org this Sunday and every Sunday at 11:15a EST.

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