It’s Pentecost this Sunday, June 4.
The disciples have a sense that God is present everywhere. They preach and those gathered hear the good news of God's love and power in their own language. In their own language.

What if the church today felt it was her job to preach the good news of God’s love in the language that people need in order to hear it and receive it?  
If we were speaking in the language that people need to know it, we’d be speaking so that Muslims are having conversations with Christians, and Christians are having conversations with Jews, and Jews are having conversations with Buddhist. And none of us would act like we have God in our own pocket and that we know all about what God desires. I am talking about a translation miracle.  
In these hot mess times, we need to do Gospel. We need to do good news, by any means necessary. Good news in it for the poor, for the marginalized, for gay, trans, and lesbian people, good news for people who have been hurt, wounded, disrespected, and dispossessed by the church.  And if it's not good news for them, then it is not gospel.  
This Pentecost, think about the people on the margins who need to hear God's love, in a way they can take it in. 

To hear our morning celebrations, join us  Sunday in the East Village or online at at 11:15 AM.

To hear our morning celebrations, join us  Sunday in the East Village or online at at 11:15 AM.

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